GIFTS. 3D Custom-Made Unique Artwork for any occasion

When you want to show appreciation, it is always paired better with something "unique" . As unique as your loved one or a business partner or an important customer. Make any event more memorable. Our unuque personalized custom made gifts are great for any occasion. "Say it" with confidence, "show it" with a statement, leave an everlasting impression. You can be sure that your gift will be one of a kind, will stand out and will be remembered.

Corporate Gifts

Are you looking for a perfect "unique" holiday gift to to a business partner or a client or for an outstanding employee. Or maybe reward all of your staff? Do you need an award to a winner of a competition or a tournament or a contest? Would you like to make your event memorable to the participants by leaving them something to remember that they could keep? Would you like to have a unique gift that you could give to your clients as a special thank you note with your logo and some text of your choice? When you want to show respect to a person, the best to say it with something UNIQUE .

Personal Gifts

Are you looking for a perfect "unique" holiday gift to to a loved one, a family member, a relative or a good friend? Are you looking for a perfect anniversary present? Are you preparing for a family reunion? When you want to show a person how special he or she is, the best to say it with something UNIQUE .

The Process

Our unique custom process is very simple for the customers.

  • You send us your photo or artwork and suggest any custom text.
  • Our Designer will make an artistic 3D model from your image
  • We will make it and ship it to you anywhere world-wide

What are the sizes and shapes are available?

We can make almost any size from less than 1 inch all the way to up to 4 feet. We can make absolutely any shape you like, although most common are circles and rectangulars. The most common size for round shape is 6" diameter. Anything smaller or bigger is usually more expensive. The most common size for a rectangular shape 5" x 6".

What are the materials and colors available?

We can work with pretty much any metal or plastic. The most common is aluminum . Next by popularity is brass . Aluminum can be anodized or not. If anodizing option is chosen, then it can be pretty much any color . Brass is usually left the way it is because it looks like gold. If anodizing is preferred then it will be appied on aluminum.

How to order?

Simply Contact Us and we will get back to you fast to start the process. Click here to go to our Contact Us page and tell us about the items you would like to order. We are looking forward to making you and someone you care about happy and have an ever lasting memory.